The program is designed to create a positive connection -- like a friend calling to make sure your loved one is doing well. Weekly updates are included and emailed to families so everyone's in the loop!


If a senior lives alone, this is a proactive option that offers families a unique opportunity to monitor the well being of their loved one when they can't be there. We also monitor any changes in condition and notify you if your loved one needs medical attention. This option is fully customizable and cost friendly to every budget.

P A C K A G E  I N C L U D E S :

+ Phone Check Ins
Daily or weekly check ins over the phone to ensure your loved one is simply okay -- we ask questions you can customize which may include:

+ Medication Reminders (Did you take all of your medications today?)

+ Proper 
nutrition and hydration (Did you enjoy your meals   today and  drink
enough water?)

+ General well being (How are you feeling today? How did you do this week?).

+ Safety Visits at Home
Customize a home visit plan for your loved one with a trusted member of our care management team. 
This important piece in your loved ones care management is highly recommended to ensure they're safe and sound at home. 


+ Care Management
Ongoing care management to ensure all points of care are met successfully. 

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