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When considering the traditional home care model costs upwards of $20,000 per month for 24 hour care, there has to be another way to help seniors live at home on a realistic budget. Our simple, signature program implements care packages + plans are tailored to each senior and their specific needs. Each senior we serve receives ongoing care management to ensure they receive the highest level of customer service and attention to their overall wellbeing. Our services graciously extend to seniors with Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and Hospice needsWe work with each senior's budget and implement a home care plan that is both accessible and cost friendly. Let us serve you and your loved one with the utmost in the gracious care and attention you deserve.


The Blue Bird

Ideal for seniors needing exceptional 24 hour care that's accessible to seniors in all walks of life. Includes a specialized plan for seniors being discharged from hospital stays needing rehabilitative care at home to regain their strength and independence. Plan is fully customizable.

The Hummingbird

Our most popular option! Day shifts that include a Personal Care Aide, Activity Companion and Personal Cook. You'll get to customize which days and times you'd like to schedule each care partner. Ideal for seniors who like what Assisted Living has to offer, but want to age in place at home. 

The Barn Owl

Includes overnight supervision with a wake staff Care Giver that specializes in senior safety and redirection during nighttime hours. This option is ideal if your loved one is exit seeking or wandering. Our goal is giving families peace of mind that their loved one is safe + sound. 

The Lark

This popular option offers families an opportunity to monitor the well being of their loved one when they can't be there. Ideal for families living out of state or who need regular wellness updates. It's like a friend calling your loved one to ensure they're doing well. 

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